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C5 Corvette - 1997 to 2004

There almost wasn't a C5 Corvette. GM was in serious financial straits. They were looking to eliminate programs that were no longer essential or profitable, and many within GM felt that way. The Corvette team on the other hand, didn't share their lack of enthusiam. In many cases, the planners, engineers, and managers worked on their own time, because Corvette deserved a fifth generation.

The product was all new, sharing only the front engine, rear drive configuration. The way of the building it was new, as were the powerteams. The C5 would offer more power, more comfort, and more refinement than the C4. Styling would not be an evolution of the current car, but a revolution. The car was stiffer, stronger, and more efficient. There was more room in the interior for people and cargo. Insrtuments returned to round dials, proper for a car of this caliber. The car was simpler to build, and more importlantly, cars to car, feature to feature, the base price was lower.

A new generation of all aluminum engines sat beneath the hood, sharing the small block's traditional 4.4 inch bore centers. Transmissions were mounted in the rear, attached to the drive axle. The composite transverse leaf spring was still used at the front and the back and the fuel tank was moved to a safer location between the frame rails, ahead of the rear axle.

The C5 would be available in three body styles. A coupe, with a removable roof panel, a fixed roof hardtop, and a roadster. The hardtop would spawn the mighty Corvette Z06, whose LS6 5.7 litre engine would deliver 405 net horsepower, even more than the intense solid lifter LT1 whose gross horsepower rating peaked at 370. During the reign of the C5, the base LS1 horsepower would open at 340 and reach 350. The automatic transmission, which began service in the C5 with four speeds would gain two more gears for a total of six. The car became a tuner's delight with hundreds of folks building their own C5s to showcase their abilities.

Corvette returned to professional racing with a factory backed C5-R that captured a pair of class victories in the GT-S category at the 24 hours of LeMans. At the 24 Hours of Daytona, the legendary stock car driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. took the yellow race car for a spin. In SCCA amaturer racing, hardtops and Z06s were major players, with Corvette being unbeaten at the Runoffs from 2002 thru 2006 in Touring 1. During that rein, John Heinricy won four straight (2002-05) championships.

The C5 served a pivotal role in the life of Corvette. It almost didn't get built, but it changed the way the motoring public viewed Corvette. During the run of the C5, the 50th Anniversary was celebrated, with Corvette looking ahead to 100.

Total Production - 28,566
Model Number Description Production Base Price
1YY07 Corvette Sport Coupe 51,547 $21,800.00

Engine Codes
RPO Cu. In. Horsepower Torque Fuel System Trans Block Code Comp Ratio :1 Emissions
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI Auto ZFC, ZFK 9.0 Fed
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI Man ZFD, ZFL 9.0 Fed
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI Auto ZFF, ZFM 9.0 Calif
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI Man ZFN, ZFR 9.0 Calif
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI Man ZFJ 9.0 Export
L83 350 205 @ 4300 290 @ 2800 2 X Single TBI ZFH 9.0 Export

Color & Trim Codes
Exterior Color Codes Interior Trim Codes
Color Code Color Code
Black 41U Bronze Leather AEE2 / 65C
Corvette Light Blue Metallic 20U Graphite Leather ABB2 / 122
Corvette Medium Blue Metallic 23U Gray Leather AQQ2 / 152
Corvette Dark Bronze Metallic 66U Dark Red Leather ARR2 / 742
Corvette Light Bronze Metallic 63U Saddle Leather AUU2 / 622
Corvette Gold Metallic 53U Blue Cloth HDD2 / 28C
Corvette Gray Metallic 18U Bronze Cloth AEE2 / 65V
Corvette Red 33U Graphite Cloth HBB2 / 12C
Corvette Silver Metallic 16U Gray Cloth HQQ2 / 15C
Corvette White 40U Saddle Cloth HHH2 / 62C
Light Corvette Blue Metallic /
Corvette Medium Blue Metallic
20U /
Blue Cloth Sport Seats BDD8 / 28V
Corvette Light Bronze Metallic /
Corvette Dark Bronze Metallic
63U /
Bronze Cloth Sport Seats BEE8 / 65V
Corvette Silver Metallic /
Corvette Gray Metallic
16U /
Graphite Cloth Sport Seats BBB8 / 12V
Gray Cloth Sport Seats BQQ8 / 15V
Saddle Cloth Sport Seats BUU8 / 62V
Corvette Coupe
Overall Length 176.5
Height 46.7
Width 71.0
Wheel Base 96.2
Track F / R 59.6 / 60.4
Curb Weight 3192 Auto
3164 Man
Dimensions are in inches, weight in pounds unless otherwise noted.

1997 - "The best 'Vette yet!"
1998 - Pace Car Purple
1999 - Hardtop with Lightness at no Charge
2000 - A Corvette for the Millenium (Yellow)
2001 - Zee-Oh-Six
2002 - Best Selling C5
2003 - Corvette celebrates 50 in Anniversary Red
2004 - Commemorating in Carbon Fibre

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